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    Julianna Savino commented on October 26, 2015

    Exhibiting a bricolage of linguistically-based art, this enigmatic Constructivist artist creates work where the subways are his brushes and lettering is his palette! This conduit of undoubted talent, takes an everyday object and invites us to consider the message within his rearrangement & creation of a new political, social, religious, satirical, clever, sardonic, (or however you may interpret) panoramic think-piece. Does this work of art speak for itself? Or does the viewer speak for it, putting their own meaning (depending upon their experiences) into the work? Al Diaz offers an activity of making sense of textual meaning created by social energies. One is invited to use their constructionist view, their creative eye to select, reject, organize, discriminate, associate, classify, analyze, and mentally construct, deconstruct, or reconstruct! This provocative artists musing induces contemplation, piques the senses, and canvasses rational thought! . You’ve done it again my dear friend Al Diaz, and I am beside myself with love, honor, appreciation, and abject enthusiasm regarding such avant-garde work! Kudos!

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